These days, the general consensus is you can’t just do one thing to survive but Montreal’s Jonathan Rosner is the antithesis of that. A seasoned, classically trained guitarist (by none other than the world-renowned Patrick Kearney), Rosner is a self-employed musician and teacher using his music as a means of survival – a feat that’s becoming tougher and tougher to maintain.

Primarily, Rosner’s passion lies in his playing. His signature style, groovy licks, prodigious pop-slapping, and lightning-speed picking, honed over 25 plus years of playing, has allowed him to share stages with some of the best musicians in North America. Rosner’s skills also lead him to the #1 spot in Canada for the 2013 Roland/Boss Loop Station Competition, landing him in the Top 10 worldwide, an incredible achievement in the competitive looping field.

The true beauty of Rosner’s skills are the sheer breadth of styles in his repertoire – from his acoustic covers duo with Melissa Pacifico to his lead guitar slot with super active Montreal MC Annakin Slayd, his work with Juno-nominated Patrick Lehman to spicing up tracks for Australian expat Hip Hop artist Cee, and even to freelancing in bands as wide-ranging as Folk and Gospel, there’s no genre that Rosner can’t master.

Vancouver’s Arnott Lucas Guitars love his work so much that they’ve become his official sponsor, an accomplishment that can mostly be attributed to dedicating the majority of his life to his six-stringed confidante. With an unmatched catalog and an uncanny ability to play almost anything by ear, Jonathan Rosner is most certainly on the path to virtuoso status.